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1 in 7 couples has problems conceiving. Causes may involve anovulation, tubal disease and sperm count. Some couples seek fertility treatment in a same sex relationship. Some couples seek another opinion to review a previously unsuccessful fertility treatment cycle. Learn more...


Recurrent Miscarriage

You may benefit from investigations. Causes include hormonal, uterine, chromosomal factors or disorders of clotting. Some unfortunately fall into the trap of unproven and potentially unsafe treatments when no cause is found.
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Menopausal symptoms affect upto 80% of women lasting on average for 2-7 years. Loss of libido and painful sex affects upto 50% of all menopausal women. Treatments may include HRT but also many other alternatives such as testosterone non hormonal....      Learn more...

About your Consultant

Shehnaaz Jivraj is a full time Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist at Sheffield
Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust with a special interest in recurrent miscarriage,
infertility and menopause.

How it works

Contact us directly, a GP referral is not required


Contact us

Send us an e-mail and we will contact you to arrange an initial 10 minute discussion free of charge.


Preliminary discussion 

Have a discussion with the consultant to see if we can help. 


First consultation 

This is a detailed consultation. The consultant will help you work towards an evidence based solution. This may involve investigations and/or treatment advice.

We have a holistic, personalised and evidence based approach, underpinned by best practice, to work out solutions for recurrent miscarriage, fertility and menopause problems.

Most consultations can be done virtually by video or telephone without the need to travel for a face to face consultation. Some blood tests, if needed, can be arranged from your home. Medication can also be delivered to your home.  Drop us a line to see if we can help at 

If you prefer, face to face consultations are provided at the Claremont Hospital, Sheffield. Click here for more information for face to face appointments.

Pricing structure

Preliminary discussion 


   First consultation

£  200

    Follow up 

£  100

    Our Contact

    Please send me an email and I will contact you to schedule a free preliminary discussion 

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